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  • Ms Elizabeth Norris

Creating stronger connections

Recently I was at a conference, meeting up with colleagues I generally only see once every two years. As I am based in a regional area, I do not have the luxury of attending professional events in capital cities regularly, so my networking with esteemed and valued colleagues is more "quality than quantity". I realised the onus was on me to bridge the gaps and make stronger connections when I re-united with them. Like everyone, at different times in your life your social confidence can wax and wane, depending on how rusty you feel summoning your social graces.

I fashioned a helpful technique for myself that could work for any-one. This time when I greeted my colleagues I would re-introduce myself and start a conversation with how we had first met. The looks of relief they offered me were immediate. They knew I was familiar to them, but they didn't have to struggle to summon my name, or place how we knew each other. It also gave us the required pause to start a comfortable and meaningful conversation. I especially like that it was also an acknowledgement to them, they had left a firm impression in my mind about how we first met. I found that having the courage to initiate contact was another critical element. Sure, there is a risk we may not gel with each person when we are networking, but I can reassure you that the rewards and depth of connection, will exceed any initial awkwardness you may experience.


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Jul 26, 2019

Great advise, I’m off to a conference in Sept, will try your idea

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